You could miss out on money owed if you make this common mistake, warns DVLA

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Drivers have been warned about a common paperwork error that might result in them losing money.

In essence, you are entitled to a road tax rebate when you sell a car, but you must first update your log book (V5C) in order to do so.

You will have to pay road tax on a car you aren’t using and the cost of your new car if you don’t update your log book.

More than five million used cars were exchanged, sold to other drivers, or part-exchanged in 2022, the Leicester Mercury reports.

In a tweet, the DVLA said: “When you sell a car, tell DVLA online to make sure you get your tax refund quickly. It’s really easy to do”.

People are advised to check online before selling your car, ensuring you have updated your log book (V5C) if you’ve changed your name or address, or made changes to the vehicle. They add: “You may not get a refund for any full months left on your vehicle tax if your details are incorrect.”

By filling out the V5C form and submitting it, you must notify the DVLA that the vehicle has been sold as well as provide them with the full name and address of the purchaser. If you do not do this, any vehicle tax refund you’re owed might be affected.

It comes after a separate group of motoring experts issued advice about airport parking as booking ahead could save you a significant amount of money.


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