Where to find temporary work during the coronavirus pandemic


ADIs have many transferable skills which are useful at this time, with driving at the top of the list. Being proactive and looking for temporary work during this time isn’t the career you signed up for but it might mean that you have some income coming back into your household.

Businesses across the country want more drivers to be able to deliver essential supplies to stores and homes. Take a look at some of the guidance below to see what you can do to find work as a temporary stop-gap.

Anyone with an HGV licence is needed to help transport essential supplies across the country so if you hold an HGV licence, put it to good use and look at businesses and supply networks to help out and for additional income. 

A few essentials to bear in mind:


Make sure you register your CV with job sites to increase chances of finding work



They say “A positive attitude is much more important than delivery driver experience. Helpful and enthusiastic, you should really care about our customers and be a good team player who can work on your own initiative.

“Aged at least 21, you must know how to get about your local area. You’ll also need to have had a full UK driving licence for at least two years and currently have no more than 3 penalty points. Never banned from driving, you can’t gain any more than 9 penalty points while working here as a home delivery driver.”

Useful links











Waitrose and partners


Total driving jobs


Parcel Connect


Jobs on Google


Job sites to check out:

Other driver hire places to check out:

Driver Hire

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2 thoughts on “Where to find temporary work during the coronavirus pandemic”

  1. I think we all worked this out already. Where has the DIA been up until now? And now the advise is, look for another job. I am a BSM franchisee and I must say they have been supportive and proactive throughout this tough situation. Learn a lesson DIA!

    1. Nigel Phillips

      Thé DIA has been very poor during the Pandemic for not supporting Trainers or lobbying the Government to get financial support for Trainers.

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