Update on the Safe Towing Scheme


A number of Members have enquired about the Safe Towing Scheme, a new B+E accredited training scheme being delivered jointly by the National Towing and Trailer Association (NTTA) and Diamond Advanced Motorists.

We apologise for the delay in fully launching the scheme, and in particular the delay in being able to provide interested organisations with the key details they need in order to decide whether to engage. 

We have been working at pace to develop the Safe Towing Scheme, but it is within a timetable set by the wider government and not necessarily one we were in control of. Unfortunately, the DVSA webinars were scheduled before we had completed all development to our scheme so this meant we were sadly unable to provide the flesh on the bones that we know attendees were looking for at these particular events. 

To address this issue we will be distributing full details of the scheme early next week, including more information on the core training and assessment programme, learning and assessment resources and what the scheme provides overall to both trainer and trainees (including the benefits of becoming an Approved Training or combined Training and Assessment Centre, the costs of becoming approved and what the application process is).

We will also be holding our own webinar next week to walk interested training organisations through the scheme, and directly answer any questions about it. 

Please note representatives from the Safe Towing Scheme attended last week’s DVSA webinar (and will attend future ones) but sadly the format did not allow for us to speak directly to delegates or answer questions, much as we would have liked to interact with attendees. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding so far. 

Safe Towing Scheme webinar – Thursday 31 March – 10:00am 

Follow this link to register.

*The webinar will be recorded if you are unable to attend. 


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