UK speed cameras to deploy anti-braking technology in 2024

Yellow speed camera by the side of an urban road in Leeds.

Speed cameras across the UK are expected to see major updates come into force next year, which includes new anti-braking technology.

After undergoing successful trials in the Navarra region of northeastern Spain, more drivers who violate speed limits or breach them severely in the regions where they are installed may be apprehended with the help of these new cameras.

The newest invention operates by positioning a mobile radar device away from the fixed-speed camera. This is so that it can identify cars who first slow down just for the camera, then quickly accelerate after passing it.

The technology of anti-braking devices has the potential to apprehend drivers who fail to see the flash of a camera in their rearview mirror.

Gary Digva, Founder of dash cam company Road Angel, told the Express: “From the information I have, this technology will probably be making its way over to the UK towards this part of next year.

“They are trying to stop that pre-braking. If you look at a motorway and see a camera on a gantry, drivers slam their brakes on whether they are travelling at 80-90mph. Whatever the speed is they slam the brakes on.

“That’s what the anti-braking cameras are supposed to come in to do, to say actually you were speeding.

“The fact you’ve seen the camera and slowed down is irrelevant as you were speeding pre-camera.”


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