Shaping the Future of Driver Education: A Manifesto for Progress in the Profession

As the general election approaches, it is crucial for the driver and rider training profession to use its collective voice to influence political parties and any potential incoming government. The profession must advocate for positive changes in driver education and broader road safety measures.

The Driving Instructors Association (DIA), the UK’s largest professional association for driver and rider trainers and a key governmental stakeholder in driver education and road safety, will be publishing its insights on what the government should consider in terms of policy, strategy, and legislative development concerning training, testing, and licensing. To this end, the DIA is compiling a manifesto to send to all political parties, road safety stakeholders, and the media.

As trainers on the front line of driver education, the input of professionals is vital to the development of this manifesto. The DIA encourages trainers to take a few moments to complete their short survey and share their views and ideas.

Please note, a similar survey focused on Rider Training will be issued shortly.


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