Report of joint meeting with DVSA held on 7 February 2023 at Berkeley House, Bristol

NASP continues to have concerns about new Standards Check approach

The latest meeting between the National Associations Strategic Partnership (formed of the three main industry associations) and DVSA took place in Bristol on 7th February. 

Topics for discussion included test waiting times, efficacy of ORDIT and ORDIT processes, ADI standards , the development of more flexible driving test delivery and driving test and fraud.

NASP raised specific concern regarding the continuing issue of test waiting times. DIA has for some time been asking the agency to develop a ‘heat map’, or at least some regular update on test availability and waiting times across the U.K. and by test centre, so trainers can better monitor, evaluate and plan. 

DIA CEO Carly Brookfield also tackled the agency on its recent letter from the DVSA CEO which focused on DVSA successes, sent at a time when the audience (the letter was intended for) does not necessarily feel the agency is achieving in areas which matter to trainers.

Carly commented, “Aside from the letter to ADIs (with this letter in itself being a good example of the issue of communication), we fedback the overall frustration members have over the lack of regular communications from the agency which acknowledge the issues the industry faces and updates trainers on efforts to tackle, and which provides members with useful data on test availability etc. The lack of what trainers would deem as helpful communications is set against the multitude of communications we do get which are more about what the regulator wants to PR, rather than being about what stakeholders need to hear. We hope the agency takes this feedback on board as it’s a crucial factor in stakeholder relations with the industry.”


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