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£360.00 / year

Working through and submitting your tax return can be complicated and needlessly stressful. Let the DIA handle your returns for you – saving you time, saving you hassle and saving your sanity. Our team of highly qualified tax accountants offer a nationwide service and their expertise is available for a fixed fee from as little as £20 monthly or £240 annually, payable via direct debit.

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Want a discount? Become a member!
Want a discount? Become a member!

Our unique tax system for driving instructors means there is no need for face-to-face meetings, which substantially reduces the costs and avoids the need for the ever-increasing hourly charge-out rates of the high street tax accountants. Our services, which are available all year round, are provided by telephone and e-mail, giving you unlimited access to highly qualified tax professionals.

   How the service can help you   
  • Provides a simple, easy to understand and easy to use template for keeping your business records and gathering the information needed for your tax return
  • A detailed guide explaining what expenses you can claim for
  • Discuss your draft accounts and tax returns with our tax expert by telephone or email
  • Calculate your tax position and provide the timetable for the payment of your tax liabilities
  • Look for ways to reduce the amount of tax that you pay
  • Complete your annual accounts and tax return
  • Once agreed, submit your accounts and tax return electronically to HM Revenue & Customs
  • Provide you with ongoing access to our tax expert at any time throughout the year

Whether you are a PDI, a recently qualified ADI or an instructor with many years of experience, dealing with HMRC can be stressful. A piece of paper drops through the door that is often full of jargon; the tax demanded is higher than you expected; HMRC queries some of your expenses – these are problems you could just do without. What’s more, tax legislation is constantly changing.

All that stress can be taken away with our fixed-fee tax service. Our telephone helpline, which is available throughout the year, is staffed exclusively by our highly qualified tax professionals and it is open between 9am and 5pm (Monday to Friday) to answer any queries on your book-keeping or tax affairs.


Non Members

Annual: £360
Monthly: £30 (Payable monthly January to December)

DIA Standard Members

Annual: £300
Monthly: £25 (Payable monthly January to December).

DIA Plus Members

Annual: £240
Monthly: £20 (Payable monthly January to December).

Terms & Conditions
  • To join the DIA Tax Service you must be an existing member of the DIA;
For tax returns to be filed by 31 January payment must have been made in full to DIA by either debit/credit card or direct debit;
For tax returns to be filed by 31 January the latest joining date is 25 January, subject to all required information being provided. For new joiners after 25 January no guarantee can be given to meet the 31 January deadline;
If a member cancels their DIA membership or cancels the DIA Tax Service at anytime before the full payment for the DIA Tax Service has been made to the DIA, the tax service will be suspended and the member will not be entitled to any refund.
  • Cancellation & Refund Policies 
You may cancel the DIA Tax Service within seven days of booking and we will refund 100% of the fee paid, providing the service has not been performed during this 7 day period. If the service has been provided during this 7 day period, no refund will be made. No other refunds will be considered
Payment Frequency

Monthly, Annually

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Certificate of Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance

On behalf of all current DIA members and only in so far as they individually continue to subscribe in full their annual payment the DIA has corporately arranged the following exclusive insurance cover, for which the required premiums have been paid in full:-
PUBLIC LIABILITY POLICY - Policy Number: BP08463-2101/ H0000245
This policy provides protection for DIA members against claims by third parties for legal liabilities following bodily injury or damage to property while they are carrying out their instructional activities, subject to policy terms and conditions including a policy excess of £500. This can be in the classroom or vehicle, or on private property, if you are deemed to be responsible.
Limit of liability is up to £20,000,000 (twenty million pounds) each and every claim.
This policy provides protection in the event of a claim being brought against a DIA member for errors or omissions with respect to professional advice, subject to policy terms and conditions including policy excess of £1000. This can be for tuition either in the classroom or whilst on the road training. 
Limit of indemnity is up to £5,000,000 (any one claim and in the aggregate including defence costs) 
Geographical limits are the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and Channel Islands.
The above policies are renewable by the DIA on 26 June 2022.
It is the responsibility of the individual DIA members to ensure that they have their own motor insurance, appropriate to the nature of training they provide, in place which complies with the Road Traffic Act or equivalent, as it is this motor policy that will provide the cover whilst the vehicle is in use at any location where the Road Traffic Act or equivalent applies.
It is the responsibility of individual DIA members to ensure that their annual payment is fully and correctly paid up to date in order to benefit from this DIA members’ insurance scheme. Please ensure you fully understand the scope of cover for both policies by referring to our website
It is further the responsibility of members to ensure that they take every reasonable measure to mitigate the risks of driver and rider training, and in turn, the risks of claims being pursued against the policies provided. As part of these measures members should require all pupils/clients to sign a risk waiver as standard practice. Example wording will be provided in the Members Area of or can be obtained from [email protected]
Members raising claims who cannot provide evidence that they made reasonable efforts to both communicate and mitigate the risks inherent in driver and rider training may find any such claims are refused by the insurer. 

Carly Brookfield
Chief Executive Officer