Motorcycle Roadcraft – Police Riders Handbook


Motorcycle Roadcraft is the definitive guide to better, safer riding. Incorporating current evidence-based practice, it is recognised as the leading manual in police rider training. Endorsed by the emergency services and civilian driving organisations, Motorcycle Roadcraft is suitable for all emergency service riders and members of the public wishing to take their riding skills to a higher level.

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Motorcycle Roadcraft has been fully revised and updated. Prepared through close consultation with the police, other emergency services and riding instructors, it includes substantial new content:

  • Chapters on slow speed manoeuvring and emergency response riding, and updated information on techniques for cornering safely.
  • Self-assessment questions throughout, to help you assess your riding.
  • Lively, full colour 3D illustrations and diagrams which explain the key principles and techniques of better riding.
  • Eco-riding tips to reduce your fuel consumption.
  • How motorcycle roadcraft can help you become a better rider

Understand the four-phase system of motorcycle control and how you can apply it to all riding situations, including to reduce the risks that riders face from the actions of other road users.
Find out how your confidence and state of mind can increase or decrease your safety, and how to manage these influences.
Learn about the core riding competencies and how to develop self-assessment skills to continuously improve your riding abilities.
Learn through high quality illustrations how to achieve a higher level of personal risk awareness and competence in handling your motorcycle so that you can tackle most riding situations safely and effectively.

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