Colour Lesson Recaps (2 pads)


4th Edition

Two pads containing 50 handy tear-off sheets. The sheets are double sided and consist of easy to follow diagrams.

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Lesson 1

Cockpit Drill, Mirrors, Parking Brake, Foot Controls, Steering, Gears, Moving Off, Blind Spots and Normal Stopping.

Lesson 2

Hazard Routine MSPSL, Turning Left and Right, Emerging at T-Junctions and Crossroads.

Lesson 3

Meeting Traffic, Overtaking, Roundabouts, Pedestrian Crossings and Emergency Stops.

Lesson 4

Left Reverse, Right Reverse, Turn in the Road, Parallel Park, *Bay Park Forward / Reverse and *Parking on the Right.

*Introduced in December 2017


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