We’ve put together a complete suite of training and guidance materials to give trainers a comprehensive insight into what is now expected as the ‘new norm’ when returning to training. Our toolkit consists of webinars, videos, reference packs and information factsheets on training and business and has been designed to help driver and rider trainers across the board. 

Explaining the Post-lockdown Toolkit

How can the post-lockdown toolkit work for you? In this video Carly, Howard and Olivia will be providing an overview of our new post-lockdown toolkit and how it can benefit you.

Explaining the COVID Marque

The COVID Marque is a useful tool for trainers to show their compliance to the risks of COVID 19. Complete with cleaning records, risk assessments and business profiles, you can rest assured that you have credence to show that you are serious about the wellbeing of those you train. If used correctly it can be a good resource to protect the business against unscrupulous claims.

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