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Be part of a Theory Test group in partnership with the DVSA

Teaming with the DVSA, Kainos are hoping to speak to a number of ADIs about proposed changes to the Theory Test.

The technology company was appointed by the DVSA to build a new online service to define, test and enforce driver and vehicle standards.

Kainos are hoping to run a focus group of about 4-8 ADIs on 12 or 13 September.

Within the focus group you will be discussing how the format and delivery of the test influence the candidates’ behaviour.

The focus group will last for an 1.5hrs, and will take place at:

Kainos, 111 Charterhouse St, Clerkenwell, London, EC1M 6AW

If you are interested in taking part please contact Stephen Walker by emailing


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  1. ‘During the last three years the changes – which are welcomes by most examiners, road safety experts, disability groups and instructors’
    Sorry don’t think this statement is particularly true, if ‘most examiners’ welcomed the changes I doubt they’d be striking.
    With regard to the ‘drive over to park against the right kerb’ manoeuvre, the vast amount of instructors I’ve spoken to were very against this manoeuvre. Unfortunately whilst the DVSA proudly related the positive feedback re e.g satnav and ‘show me’ on the move, they have consistently not given any percentage feedback regarding the right kerb manoeuvre. Irritating in that so much was made of how this ‘consultation’ would be carried out and statements claiming the DVSA valued ADI feedback. Percentage returns have been used to support the changes but then completely ignored them when they haven’t .

    The right kerb manoeuvre hardly reflects the end of the world, but just very annoying that the DVSA have been very selective with the feedback of data.

  2. when exactly will the new part 3 test for P.D.I to become A.D.I. START all I have read on the internet is one date after another been changed I am training on a trainee P.D.I. licence at the moment which runs out in March 2018 please can you throw some light on this problem for me

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