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Car refueling at a petrol station closeup.

Watchdog to retaliate against fuel hikes in the UK

With the additional authority to seek pricing and profit information ...
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Electric car charger on the street of the UK

Free fast-charging service for electric vehicles launches in the UK

Jolt has launched its free fast-charging service for electric vehicles ...
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Tesla dealrship showing a big logo on the side of the building

Tesla begins offering test drives via a remote app

With the use of the automaker’s app, consumers may now ...
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Yellow speed camera by the side of an urban road in Leeds.

UK speed cameras to deploy anti-braking technology in 2024

Speed cameras across the UK are expected to see major ...
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Aerial view of empty parking spaces

The most difficult UK areas to find a parking space revealed!

Which UK towns and cities have the best parking provision? ...
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Driver hand examining dented car with damaged fender parked on city street side. Road safety and vehicle insurance concept.

Caution: TikTok’s plunger craze for car dents could cost you more than you think

When it comes to discovering tricks and short cuts to ...
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Close up of dirty car wheel with rubber tire covered with yellow mud.

Dirty cars, fines, and winter hazards: Essential tips for a clean and safe drive this winter

With winter quickly approaching, it is inevitable that there will ...
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Row of old Fashioned Caravans on a Trailer Park

Caravan and motorhome thefts up 14% in 2022 according to new report

Thefts of caravans and motorhomes rose by 13.8% in 12 ...
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Low angle of extravagance store with cars in a row for sale

JATO report: UK electric cars twice the price of China’s, impacting market share

According to a survey by global automotive data experts JATO ...
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Driverless car with environment sensors. 3D generated image. Car is generic and not based on any real model/brand.

The UK has approved self-driving cars as “users” are shielded from legal action

In an effort to “unlock a transport revolution,” the government ...
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Low emission zone sign in city centre of Glasgow being enforced for all vehicles UK

London’s ULEZ expansion reduces polluting cars by nearly half

Since Sadiq Khan’s controversial decision to expand the ULEZ zone ...
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Motion blur shot a generic car driving fast on the road

Speed limits in residential areas are broken most often – study finds

Speed limits are designed to make roads safer for both ...
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Car Thief in a Action. Illegal Activity on a Parking Lot. Masked Men Trying to Steal Modern Compact Vehicle.

New data reveals UK’s most stolen car brands and hotspots

New data by the AA has revealed that car thefts ...
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2023 year, Living cost, groceries and food price rising up, saving. Shopping cart piggy bank and red arrow up.

Consumer car market stalling amid cost of living crunch

Private car sales in the UK continue to flounder amid ...
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Car sales buying a new car handing over the keys

A stalling nation: Brits remain reluctant to challenge car ownership

Driving is an important part of Britons daily lives, with ...
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Female driver driving car, side view. Close-up of woman's hand holding an automatic transmission lever inside vehicle. Selective focus on female hand with watch.

Big surge in automatic-only driving tests in the UK

A new report has revealed an increase of 269 per ...
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