New online hub launches to educate drivers on Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

The DIA has teamed up with RoadSafe to launch a one-stop website that offers simple-to-follow resources highlighting the different types of driver-assistance technology on vehicles.

ADAS – Advanced Driver Assistance Systems – are developed to automate, adapt, and enhance vehicle technology for safety and better driving. ADAS was introduced to vehicles back in the 1970s with anti-lock braking and has had a big impact on car safety as the years have gone on to ensure driver safety.

The Hub is a great source for driver and rider trainers to direct their pupils to in order to teach them about the benefits of ADAS and how they are effectively used, as well as expand their own knowledge on how the technology is being utilised to improve road and car safety.

The resources are all free to use and include a mix of videos, text, and fact sheets, along with links to help you find out more.

The Hub was designed and developed by The Driving Instructors Association, the UK’s largest professional association for driver trainers and leading provider of road safety education resources.

Most motorists aren’t given training when first encountering ADAS and often learn through ‘trial-and-error’, so The Hub is able to act as a first point of call to support instructors in informing their pupils on the use and values of ADAS.

As the UK continues to drive towards an electric future on its roads, the use of technology in cars will continue to expand, making it vital that we get Assisted Driving right and drivers are able to use today’s technology safely.

Working with the DIA, Roadsafe created the Hub with funding from the Department for Transport and with support from TyreSafe, MCIA, My DriveTime, Driver, DVSA, IAM, and BOSCH.

Carly Brookfield, CEO of DIA, said: “DIA is delighted to be involved in this project, in the capacity of designing the Hub itself. As the leading provider of CPD to driver and rider trainers in the UK, and increasingly a provider of digital driver education direct to drivers themselves, we could see a gap in the provision of straightforward and engaging explanations of the different ADAS technologies and their benefits.

“This resource will help trainers supplement training in this area by providing a ‘hub’ of online learning resources they can refer pupils to, and where they can usefully develop their own knowledge as trainers.”

The DIA is also responsible for creating the DrivingHub, a free resource to increase your skills, knowledge, and confidence when using high-speed roads.

For instructors, DrivingHub can be seen as a useful training partner, allowing pupils to develop their knowledge in and out of lesson time using the interactive learning resources the website has on offer.


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