NASP guidance for training critical workers


The three joint associations of NASP have put together some guidance if you have customers who are granted a critical worker practical test with the DVSA.

We have already published the operating procedures that volunteer DVSA examiners will use when conducting a test and have reiterated some of those in the document. This list is not exhaustive, however it hopefully covers all you will need to consider before taking on any critical worker training before a test.


6 thoughts on “NASP guidance for training critical workers”

  1. The guidance document states that tests are only being granted to front line NHS, Police and Fire Service. I have two individuals, one of whom is a front line care worker in a Children’s Hospice (currently being set up to take any children who contract the virus) and the other is on he cae team for a home for elderly people with mental health issues. Would these come under the heading of “front line NHS”

    1. Hi Trevor, it’s difficult to know with certainty who DVSA considers ‘frontline NHS’. Have your students been granted tests with DVSA? The NASP guidance recommends only training pupils who have been given a test date.

  2. There has been mention of a Key Worker Register, is this going to happen or are we just going to need to convince whoever asks that we have a legitimate reason for teaching during these times. I have a teacher who has a test booked in July and is banking on a licence for a new post in September. Where do I stand here?

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