Keep Your Tyres in Good ‘Elf”: TyreSafe’s holiday campaign for a safer season on the roads

TyreSafe Christmas Campaign poster

Get ready for a tyre safety campaign like no other this holiday season! Introducing “Keep your tyres in good ‘elf,” a whimsical journey featuring Santa’s little helpers in various tyre-checking scenarios. Follow the mischievous elves as they bring tire safety awareness to life in a fun and memorable way.

Throughout the month of December, TyreSafe will release a series of playful and creative visuals featuring Santa’s elves perched on the treads of tyres. These images will depict the elves in different settings, from snowy landscapes to urban streets, all highlighting the importance of tyre safety. For example, one day they might be measuring tyre pressure, and the next day they’re checking tread depth.

TyreSafe will create fun, bite-sized content featuring the elves offering tyre safety tips and facts in a playful and informative manner. These can be shared as social media posts or displayed posters in shop windows.

The campaign will sit under catchy and festive hashtags like #GoodElfTyres, and #ElfApprovedTyres. People are encouraged to use these tags in their own posts and stories and to have some fun with it, while championing a very serious message.

TyreSafe will partner supporters to co-promote the campaign and include a series of tyre safety tips and tricks for your guardian angels, the Tyre Safety Christmas elves.

This holiday season, let’s all be “Elf Approved” by ensuring our tyres are safe for winter journeys. Join TyreSafe for a magical adventure with Santa’s elves as they remind us that a safe car is the best sleigh of all.

TyreSafe are urging their supporters to get behind the campaign by offering ‘Free Tyre ‘Elf Checks’ throughout December and sharing their own elf tyre safety scenarios under the hashtags above.

The campaign will run throughout December, starting from the 1st and leading up to Christmas Day. This festive season, let the “Keep your tyres in good ‘elf” campaign be your gift to drivers everywhere.

How to get involved in the Tyre Safe Christmas campiagn

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