Extra sites added to trials

DVSA updated the industry in December on the work they were doing to create a more flexible and efficient driving test service that is less dependent upon fixed estate (i.e dedicated, physical test centre sites wholly operated/occupied by DVSA ).

To test the proof of concept the agency are running trials at a number of driving test centres in early 2023, initially at Doncaster and Birmingham (Kings Heath), and are now extending the trial to include additional sites which are:

  • Dumfries driving test centre
  • Mill Hill driving test centre

During the trial 50% of the tests (at the centres taking part in the trial) will be done from an alternative site close to the existing driving test centre, such as community buildings or sports and retail centres.

DVSA will contact your pupils if their tests are relocated to take place from one of the alternative sites. If you made the booking for your pupil and you receive the email you must let them know.


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