EV servicing costs a third less than ICE servicing on average

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According to BookMyGarage.com‘s latest bookings data, Electric Vehicles (EVs) are significantly cheaper to service than petrol, hybrid or diesel models.

It’s data shows that an EV service costs on average £103 – around a third less expensive than diesel, hybrid, and petrol vehicles. Diesel cars are the most expensive to service, costing £163 on average, with hybrid vehicles ranking second (£159), followed by petrol engine cars (£151).

Furthermore, overall average maintenance bills (including MOT tests, servicing and repairs) cost up to 43% less for EVs compared to other fuel types.

Electric Car Servicing is Cheaper, Despite Premium Prices For New EVs

Although the price of a new electric vehicle commands a premium over its ICE equivalent, EV owners will benefit from significantly lower maintenance costs, including servicing.

A key reason for lower EV servicing costs is that there are fewer moving parts and therefore less work is required during a typical service compared to ICE vehicles.

Jessica Potts, Head of Marketing at BookMyGarage.com, said “When it comes to servicing cars, there is some work that is common to all fuel types, such as replacing the cabin filter, topping up the screen wash and carrying out safety inspections.

“However, EV powertrains are a lot simpler and don’t require engine oil changes, air filters, spark plugs (on petrol engines) and fuel filters (on diesel engines).

“The reduction in work means that servicing an electric vehicle requires less labour and fewer replacement parts and fluids, helping to lower costs.”

Electric Car Servicing Is Still New, so There Are Fewer Options For Drivers

Although EVs cost less to service, there are currently far fewer EV-qualified garages available to drivers. This will change in the coming years as garages are forced to adapt to the growing demand for electric vehicles, which represented 16.6% of new car sales in 2022 according to the latest SMMT data.

“We make it easy for motorists to find a garage that’s qualified to work on an electric vehicle. Our EV Hub is full of advice, such as the best family EVs, and tips about charging your vehicle. It’s perfect for both current and prospective EV owners who need more information about what is best for them and their cars,” Potts continued.

“When you enter an electric vehicle’s registration on our website to compare servicing prices, we automatically filter the results to garages who are qualified to look after your EV.”

To book a service for your EV, enter your reg and postcode into our booking tool and compare local EV-qualified garages.


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