Emergency driving test application service closes


The online service to apply for an emergency driving or theory test if you’re a critical worker closed today on 14 August.

DVSA will continue to provide emergency tests to critical workers who have already successfully applied for a driving test. The agency will email them to invite them to arrange a test appointment online as soon as possible.

When critical workers book their test they will be able to see all available appointments for the next six weeks.

DVSA says that limiting the booking window to six weeks allows it to respond to any change to COVID-19 government guidance on a national and local level.

At present the booking system remains closed to all new non-critical tests. DVSA will let you know when it is reopening the service for everyone. This includes people who:

  • Have now taken a test that was originally cancelled due to coronavirus, but failed and need to retake their test
  • Are taking a test for the first time

Until DVSA reopens the booking service to the general public, only critical workers who have been invited to book a test can use it.

Tests for non-critical workers should not be booked.

DVSA will monitor tests booked for non-critical workers and cancel any that do not match its records.

Since DVSA introduced the emergency test service the situation has changed significantly.

The crucial need to provide NHS staff and ambulance drivers with a driving test to support the government response to the pandemic has eased.

Public transport is now much more readily available, and people are allowed to share cars with appropriate measures in place, in most of the UK.

To help DVSA return services to normal, it needs to move away from offering tests exclusively to critical workers and reopen services to the general public.

DVSA will update you again once the date for reopening the online booking service to the general public has been confirmed.

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