Electric vehicles prompting drivers to boost their skills

Electric vehicles prompting drivers to boost their skills

Two fifths of drivers want to boost their EV knowledge by going back to driving school, shows new research.

The survey shows 44% of qualified drivers would like the chance of an EV lesson, rising to half (49%) among those aged 18-to-24.

Londoners were the standout region in terms of interest with 53% of drivers declaring their desire for an EV lesson. This is likely to be a reflection of the recent ULEZ expansion prompting drivers to consider driving lower-emission vehicles.

Mark Oakley, AA Driving School Interim Managing Director, said: “As we head towards 2030, more and more learners will be starting their driving life in an EV.

“Terminology like charging and range will be second nature to them, but it is a learning curve for drivers who have been used to combustion engines for decades

“We know there are lots of myths and misconceptions about driving EVs that are stopping some drivers from making the switch.

“Having the opportunity to take a lesson with an instructor in an EV could be a really useful way for many drivers to overcome their concerns and see that driving an EV is a great option for them and the environment.”

As the UK approaches the government’s 2030 emissions deadline, AA Driving School is calling on the government to update the Highway Code to include more information about electric vehicles.

In December, it was announced there will be an update to add a warning in a ‘waiting and parking’ section to remind drivers that EV charging cables can be a trip hazard on the pavement, but this is the only inclusion.

From March 2022, the AA Driving School will begin to offer pupils the option of learning to drive in an EV as the Peugeot e208, Peugeot e2008 and Vauxhall Corsa-e will be joining the fleet of cars available to its instructors.


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