DVSA update: Booking and managing driving tests

We know that you are extremely busy keeping up with demand for driving lessons and tests.

We wanted to remind you about our free, online service you can use to book and manage driving tests that allows you to book and manage tests and set up notifications for available appointments.

Book tests

You can:

  • view all the available appointments without having to enter a pupil’s details
  • book multiple tests at the same time, without having to pay for each individually
  • set up favourite test centres to make it quicker to search for appointments at the ones you use most

To book a test, you need your pupil’s:

  • name
  • driving licence number
  • email address

The service will already know your business email address, so you do not need to add it.

You’ll only be asked for your pupil’s theory test pass certificate number if the service cannot automatically find a valid one.

Manage bookings

For tests already booked, you can:

  • change the booking
  • cancel the booking
  • swap bookings between pupils
  • update your pupil’s details

You can change an appointment up to 10 times. If you need to make more changes after that, you have to cancel the test and rebook it.

Set up notifications

You can set up notifications for tests so the service tells you if appointments become available at times you want – including at your favourite test centres.

You have to check the service for notifications – they’re not sent to you by email or text.

There’s no guarantee the appointment will still be available when you read the notification, as someone else may have already booked it.

Try the online service before calling us

We are seeing an increasing number of calls to our customer service centre to swap tests.

Due to unprecedented numbers of calls, the waiting times are currently much higher than normal, so we would encourage you to manage your tests using the online service.

This will allow you to manage your test much more quickly.If you are not able to sort your query out using the online service, you can still contact our customer service centre, but it may take longer than usual to answer your call.

Tackling third party test booking apps and websites

It is important that it is a fair and level playing field for people booking tests.

When testing restarted earlier this year, we were made aware that third-party booking sites were making it harder for you and your pupils to book tests.

We have invested in making it harder for bots to access our booking services.In addition to checking if the user accessing the system is human using CAPTCHA checks (for example, click on all the images of traffic lights), we’ve introduced Advanced Bot Protection (ABP) into our firewall, which gives greater scrutiny of traffic on our booking services.

We’re already seeing the really positive impact of this.

We’ll keep looking for ways to tackle the bots and making a real person using GOV.UK the safest and fairest way to book a driving test without having to pay any additional fees.

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