Driving test slots available for tomorrow for tiers one and two


We have been made aware by a member that in advance of testing services resuming, a number of test slots for tomorrow (2 December) have already been made available on the booking system.

We have checked the system and indeed slots have been made available. These will be available in tier one and two areas only.

We are also aware that test slots have been released from Thursday for tier 3 areas. These are limited to five slots a day. 

While DVSA has not formally communicated that testing and training will resume from tomorrow, we expect that communication to come shortly.

Not ideal timing given many of your pupils will not be test ready after a month off the road. However, if you have pupils who have been keeping up with private practice in lockdown and are ready for not just the test but independent driving as a whole and have a justifiable need to be licensed more immediately it is worth checking the system now.

We also respect that some will feel this is poor notice of these slots opening up, and unfair on those pupils who had tests originally rescheduled from 2 December but clearly DVSA is anxious to be up and testing as soon as possible and the tests being put into the system have beaten the communications process to it.

We will update you soon when we receive the official overall guidance from DVSA on reopening of test services and a return to training.

Clearly the fact that tests are available from tomorrow indicates that training has been green lit to start up from then too.


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