Driving Instructor 2019 – Issue 06

I read with confusion the news (see page 10) about new labels on petrol pumps. Instead of petrol and diesel, they will now be labelled E5 and B7. The government says this is to make drivers more aware of the “environmental impact of their travel choices”.

This seems to me utterly pointless and a waste of money. What alternative environmental choices are there for us at the petrol station? Generally speaking we can choose unleaded, premium unleaded or diesel. There is not an environmentally friendly ‘biofuel’ option available. 

Your average person will have no idea what these labels mean, so it’ll just be a head scratcher. Also, if something is labelled as ‘7’ for environmental quality, you’d probably assume that this is better than something labelled ‘5’. Yet we’re not encouraged to buy diesel vehicles, are we?

At the same time, the government has cut grants for buying hybrid and electric cars. Encouraging people to buy alternatively fuelled vehicles would seem to me to be a more useful scheme than changing the labels on petrol pumps. 

On a more positive note, this issue we delve into the subject of training drivers with diverse needs. Client-centred learning is essential to take into account different students’ requirements to help them learn to drive and pass their test. Find out more in our features starting on page 21.

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