Driving Instructor 2018 – Issue 05

This month I had the great pleasure of going out on the Silverstone track whilst attending the Fleet Show 2018. My chosen car was a hydrogen- powered vehicle that if it wasn’t the fact I was travelling on the track, it was hard to tell the engine was even on. It was great to experience what the drive was like in a petrol-less vehicle.

By the time you read this June 4 may have come and gone, which means that driver trainers are now able to take their learners on the motorway. Our cover feature will help you make sure you and your learner are ready to tackle lessons on the motorway, as Carly provides a very useful ADI and pupil checklist. Make sure you’re able to tick off both lists to fully prepare yourself to take your learner out on the high speed road once they have reached test level.

In another feature we offer solutions on how to stop your learner picking up bad habits we see on the motorway. We highlight particular driver behaviour on the motorway that can really grind our gears, and how to address this on lessons to make sure your learner doesn’t adopt these traits.

Turn to page 33 to read about the launch of our free online learning resource to help pupils and their parents with driving on high speed roads, known as DrivingHub. We are extremely excited to announce the launch of this great online site which we have all worked very hard to produce.
In this issue you’ll find the second article in the series on lesson pricing which explores in more detail the costs involved in running a sole trader, driving school business.

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