Drivers with glasses may face £1000 fine, warns DVLA

Drivers who wear glasses have been given a warning to help them avoid hefty fines and stay safe on the roads.

Short-sighted drivers need to wear glasses when driving to get a clear view of the road. According to the DVLA, drivers “must wear glasses or contact lenses every time they drive if they need them to meet the ‘standards of vision for driving.”

A £1,000 fine and three penalty points will be given to those who flout the rules. According to the Express, motorists may also be at risk of invalidating their car insurance policy if they require prescription glasses and are not wearing them at the time of an incident which is later deemed their fault.

59 per cent of UK citizens wear glasses, with many Brits also wearing them for other eye problems or refractive errors, including nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and presbyopia.

Founder of Hippo Leasing, Tom Preston, said: “Our eyesight is precious and we should all be taking the steps necessary to protect it at all costs. It is dangerous to drive with impaired vision and you could be putting yourself and other people’s lives at risk when you can’t view the road clearly, read road signs properly or see potential hazards.

“We would recommend responsible drivers get regular thorough eye tests, wear their prescription glasses or sunglasses when behind the wheel and take frequent breaks to rest your eyes when driving for long periods of time. If you struggle with eyestrain when driving, speak to your optician about tinted lenses which can help with this and aim to make your journeys more comfortable.”

Roshni Kanabar, optometrist and clinical advisor for the Association of Optometrists, added: “Visual problems from low-lying sun may be improved by using prescription sunglasses, as well as certain lens types and coatings specifically designed for driving. If you’re finding it hard to see when driving, your first port of call should be your optometrist so they can investigate what might be causing your issues and recommend solutions to make you comfortable and safe.”

Full attention and focus is required for safe driving, so it’s important that your eyes can do their job properly at all times. Drivers who squint due to vision problems, or struggle while driving in the dazzling sun are unable to see the road in front of them comfortably.

It’s important to protect your eyes well while driving. Here are some tips on how to do so:

  • Drivers have been encouraged to wear glasses while driving, and keeping a spare pair inside the car too
  • Wear sunglasses, or a prescription pair of sunglasses – opt for no-glare polarised sunglasses
  • Reduce the risk of dry eyes by taking eye drops – it is also important to take regular breaks on your journey
  • Use the in-built car visor to block out harmful UV rays

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