DIA presses DVSA about driving test booking process problems


The DIA has received numerous phone calls concerning problems with the booking procedure for driving tests. We have been pressing DVSA for solutions to this and feedback.

We’ve had many people phone us to say that emails are being sent out to offer a booking to candidates that passed their tests last week. Others have said that the trainer booker portal has been closed off completely, even for ADIs that booked client tests prior to the ‘on hold’ situation.

Two members have called us to say their candidate had received test confirmation and gone to the test centre, only to be told by the examiner that they were not booked.

Some ADIs are reporting that the ‘HOLD’ button on the new portal on GOV.UK is not working, forcing candidates to take their original bookings, some with only three days’ notice meaning they are not ready. It would seem that the six-week window that we were told about is not transpiring.

Rest assured we know about the problems you are experiencing and we are speaking to DVSA. As soon as we have any further information we will let you know.


1 thought on “DIA presses DVSA about driving test booking process problems”

  1. Dave Holdstock

    Lack of driving test availability for disabled learners.!! when trying to book tests for disabled students and you tick the box for extra, their is no slots available. When you un tick the box you can gets as many slot as you wish. Can the DVSA TRY AND RESOLVE THIS PROBLEM.
    Thank you

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