DIA Motormouth

The DIA Motormouth Podcast: Challenging Perspectives in Driver Education

Join the Debate with Industry Leaders and Fresh Voices

Are you ready to hear from the experts in driver education? The DIA Motormouth Podcast is the place to be for challenging discussions and insightful debates on key issues for driver and rider trainers.

Hosted by a renowned Motormouth and joined by established figures and new voices in the industry, we’ll tackle the most pressing topics and invite you to join in the conversation. Get ready to shout at your screen or cheer us on as we challenge the status quo and offer up fresh viewpoints.

As respected experts in driver education, we offer the best and most up-to-date advice for driver trainers. Plus, as members of key industry groups such as the Road Safety Delivery Group and the Road Safety Observatory board, we’re involved in the development of regulation, policy and strategy.

Don’t miss out on the debate – tune in to the DIA Motormouth Podcast and join the conversation.

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