DIA asks government for more support for driver trainers


The DIA has written to the Chancellor asking for the self employed income support scheme to be extended.

This is particularly important with the launch of ‘test, track and trace’. We’ve heard from many concerned members who are worried about the effect that this will have on their business.

As self employed driving instructors you are in contact with many people for longer than 15 minutes at a distance of well under two metres. This means ADIs fall into the potential contact category of ‘test, track and trace’ with all pupils and could be asked to self isolate many times, despite taking precautions. As self-employed workers, time off means you will not be earning income.

We will keep you updated with any information regarding any government response to our query.

The DVSA has said: “We fully understand ADIs will want to return to work for financial stability and to help their pupils with their learning.

“Current NHS test and trace guidelines state that, should you experience coronavirus symptoms, the medical advice is clear: you must self-isolate for at least seven days. Anyone else in your household must self-isolate for 14 days from when you started having symptoms. It also states, that if you have had close recent contact with someone who has coronavirus, you must self-isolate if the NHS test and trace service advises you to do so. Click here for more information on this guidance.

“We appreciate there is a great amount of uncertainty and concern about current circumstances. We are holding regular conference calls with the DIA to make sure your questions and concerns are shared. You can find more information about this and updates on our website.

“When the government relaxes its social-distancing measures, we will make sure we help you understand how this will affect our services, your ability to return to work, and what it means for your pupils. 

“This work is a major priority for us, and we are currently considering suitable options that will assist you.”


2 thoughts on “DIA asks government for more support for driver trainers”

  1. Bryan Greenall

    Thank you for keeping us ADI’s informed because we all feel very forgotten in this Covid state. We are pretty much the closest confined space business troubled by the outbreak and government restrictions hit us pretty much the hardest and we will be out of work the longest within reason.

    Regards, stay safe.


  2. I am self employed/sole director – unfortunately whilst I can claim for furlough this is only paid on the paye not on the dividends – do you know if anything is being done to address this – also the 2 metre rule WHO recommends 1 metre – I have observed taxi drivers picking up fares who sit in the front of cab – delivery drivers, council workers, builders all with 2/3 passengers up front.

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