What's happening on the day?

While many events offer a quick tour of exhibition stands and mini-workshops, true professional development takes focus. That’s where the DIA Conference comes in: as the largest provider of training and development for driver and rider trainers, we know that your time is best spent learning from industry leaders in a calm, immersive setting. Our conference provides just that, with top experts sharing key insights on driver training and road safety. Not only will you learn from the best, but you’ll have a chance to connect with policymakers and regulators to have your voice heard on key issues. 

Join us at the DIA Conference for a deeper dive into the world of driver training and education.

Upcoming agenda to be revealed soon. Stay tuned!

What's happening on the day?

What CPD’s in it for me?

There are plenty of events now where you can spend the day dashing round exhibition stands and hopping in and out of mini workshops. Great events, by the way, which DIA supports. 

But, as the biggest provider of vocational training and professional development to driver and rider trainers, we know that engaging in some focused CPD, and having the time to properly engage in that learning, is harder to do in such an environment. 

That’s why the DIA Conference is designed to give you the time to sit down, sit back and take it all in as key figures within driver training, testing and wider motoring and road safety download their knowledge to help you update and upskill.

Plus, it’s a better chance for trainers to have their voice heard by the policy makers and regulators whose work directly impacts our industry.

Here’s a rundown of the learning and professional development opportunities on offer at June 2022 event:

AM Session

Our morning session will include presentations on:

  • Road Safety and wider motoring strategy and policy – Baroness Vere, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State in the Department for Transport (Minister responsible for roads, motoring agencies, buses and taxis and light rail)
  • DVSA progress on pandemic recovery and future plans – Loveday Ryder, Chief Executive, DVSA
  • A modular approach to learning to drive (how pupils could be required to pass more than just a one theory and one practical test in the future)  – Carly Brookfield, CEO DIA 
  • Panel Q&A your opportunity to put your questions and views to our speakers

Lunchtime and breaks

Network with colleagues, chat with exhibitors and the DIA team. Fuel up with a tasty meal and snacks throughout the day.

PM Session

A series of workshops focused on developing trainer, pupil and business performance:

How the DVSA use your data – now and in the future

Do you have concerns about how your data gets used, or want to learn more about it?

In this session, we’ll drill down into how and what data is used and address some of the big questions and concerns about how trainer performance is assessed now, as well as how the regulator may use your data and assess your performance in the future.

Howard Redwood, our head of road safety, brings 18 years experience as an ADI covering transport and fleet as well as the provisional car and motorcycle sectors. Join him and a member of the DVSA’s ADI Team for these sessions.

How can Mindfulness help my pupils and me?

Experience what Mindfulness is for yourself with San Harper.

San will explain the relationship between Mindfulness and Compassion and share the research into how Mindfulness can improve driver behaviour and the learning journey. There will also be a short mindfulness session and Q&A. San Harper has been an ADI for 18 years and is also a teacher of Mindfulness and Compassion.

Data Protection advice for driver trainers

As an Independent ADI, post COVID, your time has never been both more precious and in demand. Managing student and potential student data is part of doing your day-to-day job and building your business. But, do you ever stop to think about how compliantly you deal with student data from a GDPR perspective and the potential problems that errors in this area could cause you? As an industry which prides itself on delivering high professional standards to students, dealing with personal data compliantly is important. 

PassMeFast, the UK’s leading Intensive Course Specialist and Tacita.io (GDPR compliance experts) are on hand today to break down the requirements and give you some industry specific hints and tips to ensure you can tick the GDPR box for your business.

Are your dual controls safe?

The most important tool in your training toolkit in many ways, and crucial in managing the risks of training on road – do you know all you need to know about dual controls?

Arguably the global leader in dual control design and safety, He-Man will discuss the importance of the proper use of dual controls and demonstrate the dangers of buying ‘cut and shunt’ kit or buying from unreputable or authorised manufacturers or fitters. They’ll share case studies where the incorrect fitting of dual controls has created potential serious risk and problems, as well sharing what steps He-Man are taking to improve dual control safety across the world.

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