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How technology has, and will, change driver training

This year’s DIA Conference delves into the impact of technology on driver and rider training and testing. With the rapid development of automated vehicles and artificial intelligence, alongside advancements in digital learning and assessments, it’s important that driver and rider training professionals get up to speed with how technological innovations are transforming the way we train, test, and drive. We’ll also highlight how simple digital tools can support you and your pupils and enhance the learning journey – whilst also aiding in the growth and management of your business.

To help us navigate the road ahead for driver and rider training and testing, we’ll be joined by the DVSA CEO and their team, alongside expert speakers from the fields of autonomous vehicle development, driver research, and road safety technology.

Keynote Speakers

Learn from leading driver behaviour and vehicle technology experts, such as Karla Jakeman (an authority on autonomous vehicles and connected transport) and Dr Shaun Helman (respected transport psychologist and driver behaviourist) from Transport Research Laboratories, and get the low down on the latest developments at DVSA activity from CEO Loveday Ryder and her team. Take the opportunity to ask questions, raise challenges, and share your viewpoints - ensuring the voice of the trainer is heard by those who shape the industry.


Carly Brookfield, Chief Executive Officer, DIA

Carly Brookfield has been at the helm of the DIA for over a decade, driving forward initiatives to improve driver education and road safety, promoting the profession, representing driver and rider trainers and campaigning on industry matters. She’s passionate advocate for developing how we train drivers and riders and develop road safety education as a whole. 

Can we gamify learning to drive?

Safer Roads Challenge

This session explores the potential of gamification in driving education. Learn how engaging, game-based techniques can make learning to drive more effective and fun.

Where are we with AVs?

Karla Jakeman, Head of Automated Transport & Employee Director at TRL

Karla Jakeman is a leading expert in automated transport at TRL, with extensive experience in developing and implementing AV technologies. Her insights will illuminate the current state and future prospects of autonomous vehicles.

Hazard Perception Training: An underused tool in driver development

Dr Shaun Helman, Chief Scientist: Behavioural Sciences at TRL

Dr Shaun Helman is a renowned behavioural scientist specialising in driver behaviour and road safety who many will recognise for his knowledge in novice driver safety in particular. In this presentation Shaun will share with us why he believes Hazard Perception Training is one of the most important developments in driver education – and why we need to do more of it.

DVSA Developments

Loveday Ryder, Chief Executive Officer, DVSA

The speaker everyone wants to hear from – and give their input to!  DVSA CEO Loveday Ryder will update us on the state of driver and rider testing and other key developments at the agency. She’ll also take your questions and hear your views on how the agency is performing, and where it could improve, which always makes for a lively and engaging discussion!

Q&A and Discussions

Throughout the conference there will be Q&A and discussion sessions for delegates to pose questions and share views with our speakers, and fellow delegates. Ask the burning questions, challenge the status quo and pitch your ideas for how we improve the training, testing and licensing of drivers and riders - as well as the training and qualification of trainers themselves. Have your voice heard where the key stakeholders and decision makers are listening!

Lunchtime and Breaks

Included in your ticket is a tasty hot and cold buffet, plus time to catch up with the DIA team, colleagues, speak to exhibitors and tour the world-renowned motor museum.

  • Network with colleagues, chat with exhibitors, and engage with the DIA team.
  • Fuel up with a tasty meal and snacks.
  • Make sure to explore the captivating history of over 400 British classic cars at the British Motor Museum during your lunch break.

CPD Workshops

The DIA Conference is designed to give you a whole day of quality professional development, with meaningful workshops led by qualified experts, either introducing you to new approaches to training or helping you develop your existing knowledge and skills.

Meet the Registrar

Nick Taylor, Registrar of Approved Driving Instructors, DVSA

In this session, you’ll get an insight into the work of the Registrar and their team, as well into their vision for how they want to develop the regulation of trainers. You’ll also have the chance to ask the Registrar your burning questions and share your views about how ADIs and Rider Trainers are regulated, how performance and conduct is monitored, and what to expect if you are ever subject to any regulatory procedures.

How Tech Can Transform Your Training and Your Business

In this workshop, we will explore a variety of strategies and tools to enhance your training methods and boost your business. Learn how ADIs can easily start delivering e-learning to their learners, making education more accessible and efficient. Discover essential tools to streamline your business operations and delve into effective marketing and social media tactics to expand your reach. Additionally, we will cover innovative learner diagnostic tools that can help you better understand and support your pupils’ progress.

Return to the Standards Check

Standards Checks are back and in full swing after a break of over 6 months. So, what are Standards Checks looking like now we’ve returned to them, any changes? How long will the catch-up process take after such a long break? What is the data telling us about overall ADI and Rider Trainer performance – i.e where are trainers meeting (and exceeding) the standards, and where are they falling down? We’ll also discuss what we think should change in the performance monitoring of trainers, as well as valuable advice on how to develop your own performance in readiness for your next check.

CPD Certificates for each workshop will be awarded to all attendees, as well as for overall attendance on the day (8 hours CPD).

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