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Sponsors and Exhibitors

GoRoadie: Helping connect learner drivers with driving instructors. Built by a passionate team in Dundee, Edinburgh and Perth, we are dedicated to connecting learner drivers with a driving instructor that suits them, while creating tools aimed at making instructors day-to-day easier.

He-Man Dual Controls Ltd: The top name in Dual Control systems, synonymous with driving safety. With 80 years of British expertise from our Southampton base, each system is tailored to specific vehicles, ensuring utmost quality and safety, backed by He-Man’s ISO accreditations.

MWG Solicitors: Boutique experts in Dispute Resolution, Family Law, Employment Law, Motoring Law, Personal Injury, and bespoke business services. Trust us for a hassle-free legal experience and excellent results.

Fuel Card Services: UK’s top choice for businesses on the move. Save up to 10p per litre consistently, enhance security, and streamline admin with HMRC-approved invoicing. Enjoy 24/7 expense tracking and broad refuelling options across leading networks like BP, Shell, and Esso. Perfect fuel solutions tailored for your business.

ADI Network: ADI Network is the ultimate app for driving instructors — free to download with zero subscription fees. Power your business with industry-leading diary management tools, find work for free in your area, receive digital payments from your learners and track your finances all within one app. ADI Network also gives you the platform to drive success with rewards, bonus schemes, networking and professional development opportunities. Download ADI Network from your app store or today.

Tyl by NatWest: Streamlining card payments for businesses whilst enhancing convenience for your customers. With a prompt setup, we promise next business day settlements. Whether you’re processing payments face-to-face, online, or over the phone, Tyl provides standout solutions.

The British Horse Society: The UK’s premier equestrian charity and membership hub. Committed to championing every horse’s interests, we stand by riders, owners, carriage drivers, equestrian professionals, and anyone passionate about equine wellbeing. Your horse’s advocate, every step of the way.

Driving Test Success: For 26 years, they’ve guided 16 million learners, topping industry ranks and earning accolades. Addressing the challenges of learning to drive, they’ve built a supportive community for learners to thrive. Offering a range of tools from apps to eBooks, they cater to every learning style, ensuring success on the road for learners and trainers alike.

Stubben Edge: Catering to the needs of driving instructors (ADIs) in the UK, we provide bespoke financial services including Term Life Insurance, Simplified Life Insurance, and Accident Only Income Protection. These tailored solutions are designed with the unique circumstances of ADIs in mind, ensuring comprehensive protection and peace of mind.

DIA Insurance: Specialising in flexible driving school insurance, we offer customisable policies with competitive features like a 24/7 claims service and up to 65% No Claims Bonus. Benefit from exclusive member discounts and essential extras tailored for driving instructors, ensuring your business stays on course.

ADAS Knowledge Hub: A beacon of knowledge in the automotive tech world, The ADAS Hub delves deep into Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). Its primary mission is to educate on how ADAS technology bolsters road safety and curtails collisions. By offering up-to-date insights into the latest ADAS technologies and resources, it stands as a pivotal platform promoting safe driving practices.

DIA Academy: The essential hub for ongoing professional development, tailored for driver and rider trainers seeking to enhance their expertise. With a versatile mix of online, classroom, and in-vehicle training, we provide a learning framework that fits into even the busiest of schedules. Choose DIA Academy for a seamless integration of advancement into your professional journey.

Diamond Advanced Motorists: Renowned for enhancing on-road safety and eco-efficiency, their Diamond test is designed to elevate driving and riding proficiency. Delivered by DVSA-regulated professionals, they offer a premium, customised training experience. Their widespread network of expert trainers ensures accessible, superior instruction across the UK.

DIA Shop: The go-to destination for driving instructors seeking excellence, offering a curated selection of top-tier training aids and business tools at exclusive conference prices. It’s a hub for professional development, providing discounted resources and services tailored to enhance the driver training experience. Committed to supporting driving instructors, the shop ensures the best in the industry is always within reach to foster success and growth.

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