Loveday Ryder

Chief Executive | DVSA

Loveday Ryder, an experienced professional in engineering, process improvement, and program management, serves as the CEO of the Driver Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). With a focus on digital services and a dedication to promoting safe driving practices and vehicle safety, Loveday oversees operations, digital services, people and communication, finance and corporate services, as well as policy, strategy, planning, and performance. Her leadership ensures lifelong, safe driving experiences for all.

Shaun Helman

Chief Scientist: Behavioural Sciences | TRL

Shaun is TRL’s Chief Scientist for Behavioural Sciences, with nearly two decades of experience in road safety, human-technology integration, and vulnerable road user safety. He has delivered impactful projects that influence government policy, written over 120 articles and reports, and presented at national and international conferences. Shaun also represents TRL at the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety, reviews scientific journals and grant bodies, and is a Trustee of the Road Safety Trust.

Howard Redwood

Head of road safety | Driving Instructors Association

Howard is an experienced ADI with 19 years of experience covering various sectors, including transport and fleet, as well as the provisional car and motorcycle industries. His extensive knowledge of road safety is highly valuable in his role on the DIA Helpdesk, where he provides expert advice and support to our members. With his strong communication skills and attention to detail, Howard ensures that our members receive the best possible guidance and assistance.

Neil Wightman

ORDIT Registered Trainer

Neil is an accomplished and multifaceted professional, combining being an ORDIT registered trainer, IAPC&M life coach, mentor, published author (and esteemed executive committee member of the IMTD) with many other aspects of driver training. With a deep-rooted passion for teaching and mentoring, Neil is dedicated to helping individuals unlock their full potential while continuously improving the effectiveness of his training methods. As a strong advocate of continuous professional development (CPD), Neil firmly believes in the importance of ongoing growth and refinement. He relentlessly pursues personal improvement while offering unwavering support to others on their learning journeys.

Kev Field

The Driving Confidence Coach

In recent years Kev has trained with the Coaching Academy to become a personal development and business coach and NLP practitioner and aims to inspire and encourage others, through my passion for coaching, so that they can improve their driving confidence. As well as being a personal development coach, Kev is also an Grade A instructor and ORDIT registered ADI trainer. He has previously also delivered the BTEC Level 4 Coaching course on behalf of the Tri-Coaching Partnership as well as being a Driver Metrics trainer. Before being an ADI, Kev drove professionally and is able to drive anything from a forklift to an articulated lorry, gaining his HGV license at the age of 21. Kev combines his in-depth knowledge of road users and behaviour, driver training and coaching to empower others to achieve their driving, and driver training, career goals.

Carly Brookfield

Chief executive | DIA

You might know Carly as our CEO, but she’s also an accomplished communications expert, adept at managing diverse communication challenges, even in emotionally charged situations with stakeholders. Carly has a strong track record of leading teams and coaching individuals and groups in communication skills. Her commitment to advancing emotional intelligence is a cornerstone of her work, especially in improving driver and rider education. She holds a Foundation qualification in Emotional Intelligence accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management and is actively working towards recognition as a practitioner while developing specialised training for driver and rider trainers.

Richard Holden MP

Minister for Roads and Local Transport

Richard Holden MP is the Minister for Roads and Local Transport in the United Kingdom. He is dedicated to improving road infrastructure and advancing transportation systems in the country. With a strong commitment to public service, Holden actively engages with stakeholders, including industry experts and local authorities, to develop strategies for enhancing road safety and optimising road networks. His inclusive approach to policymaking ensures that the diverse needs and concerns of the public are considered. Through his efforts, Holden aims to drive positive change and make a lasting impact on the transportation landscape of the United Kingdom.

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