Caution: TikTok’s plunger craze for car dents could cost you more than you think

Driver hand examining dented car with damaged fender parked on city street side. Road safety and vehicle insurance concept.

When it comes to discovering tricks and short cuts to do mundane activities and address small daily problems, TikTok can be a lifesaver.

For instance, scrubbing an onion or potato on your car’s windscreen helps prevent ice buildup in the morning.

Experts at Swansway Motor Group, a UK automaker, have cautioned drivers against following a popular TikTok craze that involves a plunger.

In the videos circulating the social media site, a plunger is used to seamlessly remove car dents.

However, rather than solving the issue, this can be doing more harm to the vehicle.

Trained technicians at Swansway Motor Group said: “Using a plunger to try and pop out car dents may seem like a quick and cost-effective solution, but this approach can often do more harm than good.

“Car surfaces are designed to be sturdy and resilient, and attempting DIY dent removal with a plunger can lead to unintended consequences.”

One of those “unintended consequences” could be damaging the paint and structure of the car: “The force exerted by the plunger can result in paint chipping and even cracking, leading to additional repair costs.

“Car dents often require specialised tools and expertise to fix correctly.

Professionals have the necessary training and equipment to assess the damage, ensure that the structural integrity of the vehicle remains intact, and restore its appearance without causing more problems.”

The professionals at Swansway Motor Group have cautioned that while using a plunger to remove dents may seem like a quick and affordable solution, doing so won’t end up saving you money. They cautioned, “The reality is that it’s a gamble.”

“You may end up causing irreparable damage to your vehicle, which will undoubtedly result in higher repair costs down the road. It’s far more cost-effective to seek professional advice from a reputable auto body shop.”

“In the long run, the ‘quick fix’ of using a plunger can turn into a costly mistake,” Mark Trevers, manager of Swansway Motor Group Accident Repair Centre, added to the technician’s remarks.

“It’s essential to prioritise the safety and integrity of your car by entrusting dent removal to experts who can address the issue correctly, ensuring the long-term value and functionality of your vehicle.”


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