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Improved technology will soon allow self-driving cars to merge onto motorways and highways with better safety

Improved technology will soon allow self-driving cars to merge onto …

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A 23% hike in fuel duty could happen for fleets next year

Fleets could be hit with a 23% hike in fuel …

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Breath tests plunge to record low

Roadside breath tests have slumped to their lowest level on …

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DVSA has a new Nottingham address

DVSA are moving its Nottingham office to a new Government …

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The countries that are most dependent on cars

For many people around the world, owning a car isn’t …

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Drivers using cars for second income as the cost of living bites

Drivers are making their car ‘earn its keep’ as they …

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Reducing speed limits to 20mph won’t significantly improve safety, according to new report

A new report suggests that reducing speed limits on urban …

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DVSA driving test statistics: 1 April to 31 October 2022

On 9 November the Department for Transport (DfT) published the …

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Cost-of-living crisis forcing more than half of drivers to hang on to older cars

Over half of motorists with older cars are holding on …

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Motorists claim that annual average car costs are up by almost £1,000

Since the start of 2022 annual average car costs have …

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Less than half of all commuter car parks have electric vehicle charging points

According to a new investigation, fewer than half of all …

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New drivers shun manual gearboxes as automatic-only licence holders double

Drivers are turning their backs on traditional manual cars and …

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Drug driving, speeding and dangerous driving all hit record levels in 2021

Shocking figures reveal 2021 was the most dangerous year on …

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DVSA: working with your pupils’ family or friends and test-readiness survey

DVSA state that they understand that sometimes you have challenging …

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Publishing driving test data and the how far in advance you can book a test

Read the latest message from the DVSA: From 9 November …

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