Diamond Advanced Motorists

The UK’s leading professional advanced driver and rider training body

Diamond is the UK’s only government accredited advanced driver and rider development programme delivered by regulated, professional trainers and examiners. It is recognised worldwide for its high quality advanced driver training. 

Diamond’s driver education expertise reaches across all age ranges, licence categories and vehicle classes. It is part of the UK’s biggest professional membership body for driver and rider trainers. With over 10,000 professional trainers we can also deliver advanced driver and rider training to you wherever you are in the UK or worldwide.

We offer advanced driver and rider training to a wide variety of motorists, including individuals wishing to develop driving or riding skills at any stage of life.

Diamond is also highly experienced in fleet training. If you’re a fleet decision maker with a large number of drivers or riders, we can enhance your team’s on-road safety and skills with a programme of learning and assessment tailored to their training needs. Contact us to find out more.

Individual motorists

Develop your driving or riding with our advanced driver and rider training programmes.

Fleet decision makers

Diamond can help develop your drivers’s skills and improve your fleet’s road safety for any vehicle or licence type. 

Taxi and private hire

The UK’s leading provider of taxi tests and training.

Diamond International

Training and assessments for drivers and riders available worldwide.

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