The DIA team has a wide range of skills and expertise and we’re here to help

Carly Brookfield

Carly Brookfield

Chief executive

With a background in developing professional membership bodies as diverse as those representing doctors, dentists, teachers and finance professionals, Carly is now packing a punch as our chief executive.

Karen Bransgrove

General manager and Diamond chief examiner

Karen manages our post-test training brand Diamond and is an experienced driver trainer. She also manages the DIA team day-to-day.

Vicky Wilson

Vicky Wilson

Membership services manager

As an experienced customer service professional, Vicky leads our friendly and efficient membership services team.

Tom Foster

Training development manager

Tom organises our training workshops and events and assists in the development of DIA Academy. He also answers your training queries. 

Howard Redwood

Howard Redwood

Head of road safety

Howard brings 18 years’ experience as an ADI covering transport and fleet as well as the provisional car and motorcycle sectors. His wide knowledge of road safety is put to good use on the DIA Helpdesk.
Kate Barnes

Kate Barnes

Finance manager

Kate manages our accounts and invoices, as well as anything else finance related.

Matt Russell

Head of marketing, publishing and design

Our expert in design and technology Matt is responsible for developing our digital presence and keeping our systems going.
Kathy Manson​

Kathy Manson​

Editor and publications manager

Kathy Manson is the editor of our print and digital publications and is always keen to hear the news and views of our membership.

Adam Trimby

Adam Trimby

Creative designer

Developing the look and feel of our magazines and websites is Adam’s talent and job.

Sara Jardine

Sara Jardine

Advertising manager

Sara is the member of the DIA team to talk to if you’re interested in advertising with us, online or in the magazine.

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Certificate of Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance

On behalf of all current DIA members and only in so far as they individually continue to subscribe in full their annual payment the DIA has corporately arranged the following exclusive insurance cover, for which the required premiums have been paid in full:-
PUBLIC LIABILITY POLICY - Policy Number: BP08463-2101/ H0000245
This policy provides protection for DIA members against claims by third parties for legal liabilities following bodily injury or damage to property while they are carrying out their instructional activities, subject to policy terms and conditions including a policy excess of £500. This can be in the classroom or vehicle, or on private property, if you are deemed to be responsible.
Limit of liability is up to £20,000,000 (twenty million pounds) each and every claim.
This policy provides protection in the event of a claim being brought against a DIA member for errors or omissions with respect to professional advice, subject to policy terms and conditions including policy excess of £1000. This can be for tuition either in the classroom or whilst on the road training. 
Limit of indemnity is up to £5,000,000 (any one claim and in the aggregate including defence costs) 
Geographical limits are the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and Channel Islands.
The above policies are renewable by the DIA on 26 June 2022.
It is the responsibility of the individual DIA members to ensure that they have their own motor insurance, appropriate to the nature of training they provide, in place which complies with the Road Traffic Act or equivalent, as it is this motor policy that will provide the cover whilst the vehicle is in use at any location where the Road Traffic Act or equivalent applies.
It is the responsibility of individual DIA members to ensure that their annual payment is fully and correctly paid up to date in order to benefit from this DIA members’ insurance scheme. Please ensure you fully understand the scope of cover for both policies by referring to our website
It is further the responsibility of members to ensure that they take every reasonable measure to mitigate the risks of driver and rider training, and in turn, the risks of claims being pursued against the policies provided. As part of these measures members should require all pupils/clients to sign a risk waiver as standard practice. Example wording will be provided in the Members Area of or can be obtained from [email protected]
Members raising claims who cannot provide evidence that they made reasonable efforts to both communicate and mitigate the risks inherent in driver and rider training may find any such claims are refused by the insurer. 

Carly Brookfield
Chief Executive Officer

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