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Group of young friends sitting at the back of car

Data reveals the best car models for new Gen Z drivers

The Citroën C1 has been crowned as the best first ...
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Driving school and driving lessons concept, education concept

88% of UK drivers fail to answer FIVE basic theory questions

The car insurance experts asked the nation five common driving ...
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Red Graphic and logo for National Associations Strategic Partnership (NASP) releases report

Report from our latest meetings with DVSA

As you will be aware, alongside our colleagues from MSA ...
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UK driver's license on a blue background

DVLA’s digital drive: Streamlined licence renewal & provisional applications online

The process for upgrading your driver’s licence following test passing ...
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A closeup of a someone holding a pencil over textbook. Shot with shallow depth of field.

The increasing issue of cheating in driving theory tests

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CGI Image series showing different car parts. The parts are without any brands or logo. 3D and X-ray style design made by myself.

Report: New car gimmicks we don’t need

Undoubtedly, advancements in car technology can provide significant benefits and ...
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A driver looks out the window of his car in the Akihabara Electronic City area of Tokyo, Japan.

Buckle up: The world’s happiest driver destinations revealed

Which are the best countries in the world to drive ...
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Closeup shot of an unidentifiable delivery man using a mobile phone while sitting in his van.

Survey reveals that third of drivers support police seizing mobile phones from offenders

A third of experienced drivers favour taking away mobile phones ...
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Electric cars, EV concept, eco friendly fuel. Portrait of young smiling black man, recharging his modern luxury electric car

EV drivers struggle with chargepoint connectivity issues across Britain – report

According to a survey, drivers of electric vehicles (EVs) may ...
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Young man driving car enjoying road trip on vacation. Transport, summer vacation and holiday.

New drivers want independence, but are unaware of crucial car ownership costs

Learning to drive and buying a car can be a ...
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A closeup shot of a surveillance camera inside the city for traffic control

Additional police forces join trial of new AI road safety cameras

An artificial intelligence (AI)-powered mobile technology trial being conducted by ...
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Thumb holding UK licence

Record high: UK driving licence holders soar

The number of people with driver’s licences has reached a ...
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Unrecognizable university students taking notes while sitting in the classroom together.

Theory test cheats triple in three years

Reports of cheating in driving theory tests have tripled amid ...
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Female Traffic Police Officer Reporting Details Of Road Traffic Accident On Radio

New report reveals the volume of police-seized vehicles in the UK

A new report has revealed that in 2023, UK police ...
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Aerial view directly above the busy M62 motorway passing over a river bridge and countryside whilst heading east towards Hull and stretching into the distance with copy space

Q&A: The DIA Tax Service and HGVs using lanes 2 and 3 on a motorway

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Cars parked in a row on a city street side.

Major fixed cost increase for millions of motorists following DVSA change

Millions of drivers with gas-guzzling cars are about to feel ...
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