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The AA logo lit up

AA Trust adds weight to fresh calls for graduated drivers licensing

As part of its call for the UK to introduce ...
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Closeup shot of an unidentifiable delivery man using a cellphone while sitting in his van.

Study reveals driving trait tied to psychopathic behaviour

It could occasionally seem like there are only psychopaths on ...
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Rear view of Audience in the conference hall or seminar meeting which have Speakers are Brainstorming

Get ready for this year’s DIA Conference

Join us on 6th December at the iconic British Motor ...
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unrecognizable young boys from behind crossing a pedestrian crossing with shopping bags in hand with their shadow cast on their left side

The most dangerous UK areas for pedestrians

New research has revealed the most dangerous UK areas for ...
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A shot of bus stop yellow sign on road pavement after rain

Drivers making cars ‘invisible’ to speed and bus lane cameras

According to officials, drivers are putting unique number plates that ...
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Teenage girl during driving license test. Sitting in car reversing. Examiner in distance with clipboard.

Driving tests: UK’s top 10 highest and lowest pass rates

New research identifies the UK’s highest and lowest driving test ...
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Driving school instructor showing speedometer and odometer on car dashboard to student

Analyse this

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Chaotic collection of traffic signs from the United Kingdom

Secrets of the driving theory test

Candidates who failed their driving theory test have lifted the ...
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Tired woman fanning herself in car from heat

Car expert shares the top 5 areas of your car most likely to suffer during heatwave

With the heatwave fast approaching, it is your trusty car ...
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Study reveals the UK areas most likely to run a red light

A new study has revealed the UK areas most likely ...
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Holding out a driving license

7 changes drivers must report to DVLA or face penalties

Drivers face fines and licence point penalties if they fail ...
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Driving school instructor showing student how to hold steering wheel when turning it

Driving Safely: A Proposal for Better Drivers

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man wearing black mask stealing motorcycle

Revealed: The UK’s biggest motorbike theft hotspots – are you at risk?

Greater London has been named as the biggest hotspot for ...
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car safety: Happy female teen driver fastening seat belt during the day and looking at camera. transportation and vehicle concept, Hand buckled up with seatbelt inside the car

Young Driver Safety: Instructor Engagement

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Tired frustrated woman driver looking at traffic jam through windshield of modern car. Sad female of middle age driving car feel bored sleepy and depressed with long waiting in heavy traffic on road

Parking fine hotspots: where in the UK are you most at risk of being fined?

Being issued a parking fine is an unwelcome surprise accompanied ...
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Young manager presenting auto model to cute couple in modern car showroom

Automotive experts reveal the top 5 signs you need a new car

While many might already have an eye on their next ...
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