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Becoming a DIA member means getting immediate access to many benefits including expert legal advice and our help desk, useful webinars, our fantastic magazine and PI PL insurance as standard.

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By becoming a valued member of the Driving Instructors Association, you gain access to an array of exceptional benefits designed to elevate your career and ensure your success. Here’s what you can expect.


Learning isn’t just for pupils. Instructor training sharpens your skills and enhances your business. Our DIA Academy offers online and in-person training, webinars, and assessments for your development.

The Driving Instructors Association is the largest professional membership body for driver and rider trainers in the UK

The DIA is more than just a membership — it’s a community of ADIs and driving instruction experts, all working to improve the industry together. We have close links with policy and decision makers in road safety and driver training, so that our members’ can seek real answers to their concerns.

And to keep you on top of your game, our Academy delivers training courses and assessments run by expert ADIs so you can develop professionally alongside your work. With the many other benefits of becoming a DIA member including professional indemnity and public liability insurance as standard, you can rely on our help and expertise when you need it most.

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Blue cap of the tank for windshield washer fluid, close up.

Motoring expert warns what effects the impending ‘heat dome’ will have on drivers and their vehicles

Last month was the warmest June on record, continuing a 13-month streak of increasing temperatures that put 2024 on track to be the world’s hottest year. And with the mercury set to exceed 30 degrees C in the coming days, motorists have been warned of the ways in which sweltering conditions can impact both them and their cars – from ...
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4 new driving laws that could cost staycationers £780 this summer

As the school term ends and out of offices go on, people across the country will be getting ready to set off on holiday in their cars. After waiting all year for a much-needed break, the last thing anyone needs is an unwanted fine or points on their licence disrupting their getaway. With that in mind, Steven Edwards, motoring editor ...
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Transport Secretary Sets Out Five Key Priorities for Transformational Overhaul

Newly appointed Transport Secretary, Louise Haigh, has promised to deliver the most significant overhaul to transport in a generation, outlining five strategic priorities that will drive the Department for Transport (DfT) into a new era. The ambitious plan is underscored by the department’s new motto: “Move fast and fix things.” Immediate Action on Key Priorities On her first day, Haigh ...
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