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Driving Instructors Association

The UK’s largest professional body for driver and rider training, education, support and advice

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Becoming a DIA member means getting immediate access to many benefits including expert legal advice and our help desk, useful webinars, our fantastic magazine and PI PL insurance as standard.


Learning isn’t just for your pupils — instructor training can help to keep your skills sharp and your business at its best. Our DIA Academy offers online and in-person training, webinars, and assessments for your personal and professional development.

Driver Trainer

Our monthly magazine, Driver Trainer, is the most-read publication in the field of professional driver and rider training. Each issue features breaking news stories in the driving industry, in-depth articles, expert opinions, reviews, special offers, and more.

The Driving Instructors Association is the largest professional membership body for driver and rider trainers in the UK

The DIA is more than just a membership it’s a community of over 15,000 ADIs and driving instruction experts, all working to improve the industry together. We have close links with policy and decision makers in road safety and driver training, so that our members’ can seek real answers to their concerns.

And to keep you on top of your game, our Academy delivers training courses and assessments run by expert ADIs so you can develop professionally alongside your work. With the many other benefits of becoming a DIA member including professional indemnity and public liability insurance as standard, you can rely on our help and expertise when you need it most.

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